LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) -- The owner of a Walker County horseshoeing school was arrested for hitting one of his female students, even though he claims it was the other way around. It's the latest in a handful of accusations against him by former female students.

Casey and Son Horseshoeing School in Lafayette is the where all these incidents allegedly took place. Owner Ralph Casey said they're being blown out of proportion and that it comes down to students getting drunk and out of hand and then mad about being kicked out.

But, three of his former students from three different states have totally different stories. At least one says she left voluntarily and even got a refund.

"I hope his school gets shut down. I'm personally not looking for money. I just don't want this to happen to other girls or women. It's not right," accuser Jillian Myers said.

Jillian Myers says she saved up for a year to attend Casey and Son Horseshoeing School in Lafayette, but drove back to South Carolina after just four days this August-- saying she was appalled at how owner Ralph Casey treated her.

"He knocked on my door at one o'clock in the morning and started saying very nasty rude things, offered my money to do other things with another male student in front of him," Myers said.

"My first reaction was how dare he," her mom, Christina Myers said.

She and her mom filed a complaint for simple assault against Casey at the Walker County Sheriff's Office and found out that it wasn't the first claim against him.

An arrest report from a few weeks ago shows a simple battery charge from another female student who says he hit her three times in October, but Casey tells Channel 3 by phone that girl actually hit him.

"How could that possibly happen? This is a reputable school," Christina Myers said.

Another female student filed a complaint last April. She says Casey came into her room in the middle of the night threatening to kick her out if she didn't take her clothes off. Sheriff Wilson says there wasn't enough evidence for an arrest.

Together, the three women have written letters to the commission that governs the school and set a hearing date to tell their stories to a magistrate judge in hopes of getting an arrest warrant issued.

"If you don't step up, it'll continue," Christina Myers said.

Christina Myers says the Nonpublic Post Secondary Education Commission called her late Friday afternoon and said they will look into the allegations.

Mr. Casey says the accusations are ridiculous and says it's something that comes along with running a school. He said he won't be accepting anymore female students under 21 from now on.