CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- On Friday Dayton Attorney Rebecca Hicks filed paperwork with the court to name people owed money by Jack Brown with Brown's Tax Service. 

Thursday morning a judge granted the motion to appoint an interim trustee. It's now Jerry Farinash's job to hold onto everything Brown owns.

"It's probably eight, ten tracks of land I would guess. Something like that and that includes tracks that are owned by businesses, that he also owns," explains Farinash. "I've got copies of the bank statements, Brown's Tax Service bank statements for the last couple of years."

However, Farinash says it will be a challenge to speak with Brown on a regular basis because of his health. "I understand he is undergoing dialysis every other day," Farinash says.

"He's confined to rehab right now in a nursing home," says Tom Ray.

Ray represents Jack Brown. On Thursday he filed paperwork consenting someone else take over his property but stopped short of admitting doing anything wrong.

"He's very sad about all of this and just one of these things has happened. He's in very, very bad health, may not even get out of the hospital where he is now," Ray says.

Records show he owes eight creditors more than $1.2 million, but the list doesn't stop there. "We're gathering those names right now and they will be filed with the court,"  Ray says.

If a judge decides the case falls under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy it will be Farinash's job to sell everything off and give creditors a cut, likely just pennies on the dollar.