CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-DT) - This week, a near perfect portrait of our perp and a great chance for anyone who knows him to score a payday. "He obviously didn't realize that there was a camera right there at eye-level," said Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones.

It was early the morning of September 26th at the Maytag Coin Laundry on Brainerd Road. There was no break-in. "He actually walked into the coin laundry because they were open," Off. Jones said.

The laundromats are always open, 24-7, 365. This convenience makes them an easy targets with their obligatory change machines serving as low hanging fruit. "He actually broke into the actual change machines and also some video games," explained Jones.

The crook filled his pockets with quarters and food from a snack machine he also wrecked. Then, he vandalized the video games to the point where they are permanently out of service. "It may be only quarters to somebody," said Jones, "but this is somebody's business and this is not only just someone's business, but this is their livelihood."

Help us make sure he pays for his crime; for the theft, the senseless vandalism, and for thinking he could get away with it. Get yourself paid in the process. "This guy's gonna be very recognizable," Jones added. "Somebody's gonna know the guy right off the bat and they're gonna be able to call us and tell us exactly who this guy is."

He left the scene in a maroon-colored 4-door Chevy of some sort. Do you know him? The pictures are clear. Make sure your conscience is, too. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting for your good tip. He will never know you turned him in. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

As always, an officer may answer the phone, but you will never have to identify yourself.