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Local Mom: "Don't play with a gun"

Photo by WRCB Anchor Callie Starnes Photo by WRCB Anchor Callie Starnes

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A 12-year-old East Chattanooga boy is expected to survive a gunshot wound to the face.

His older friend is being held for questioning Tuesday night, as police try to understand why the two were playing with a gun, where it came from, and why it went off.

Rickshaunda Moon says her 19-year-old son and a 12-year-old neighbor were playing with a gun when it went off.

"I was upstairs," Moon says. "I heard a boom. I came down, and he had already taken the little boy to the hospital."

The 12-year-old was hit in the face, but is expected to survive.

"The eye and it went down to his jaw, then the foot," Moon says. "I only heard one gunshot, so I don't know. Maybe the bullet traveled. I don't know."

Moon says her son and the boy are like family. They grew up just a few streets from one another in the College Hill Courts community.

"Every day he's over at my house, he's like another one of my sons," Moon says. "And, I'm sure my son feels really, really bad about what happened."

Moon says the hardest part was watching her son being put into a police car for questioning.

"I broke when I first saw him get in the police car, but I know if you do something wrong you have to pay the price," Moon says.

Moon says her son knows guns are not toys. She doesn't allow them in her house.

"I have no idea," Moon says. "I have never seen a gun, didn't know he had one."

Moon hopes her son has learned a lesson, but hates it came at the expense of someone who means so much to their family.

She just hopes other boys in the neighborhood can see guns are not toys.

"They are not to be played with, they are not, because it could have been way worse than this," Moon says. "Accident or not, don't play with a gun."

"Talk to your kids, check rooms if you have to," Moon says. "Don't just take their word for it."

Moon's son was interviewed by police, but has not been charged with a crime.

Police are treating the case as an accident, but say the investigation is ongoing.


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