GEORGETOWN, TN. (WRCB) - A crash during the Tuesday morning commute shut down traffic in Highway 58 near the Meigs, Hamilton and Bradley County lines.

Channel 3 has learned two young women were killed and five others hurt, when a truck crashed head-on into an ambulance.

All the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office knows right now, is that 29-year-old Misty Browning was driving a truck on the wrong side of Highway 58. She and her passenger, 30-year-old Jennifer Friddell, were killed when the truck hit a Rural Metro Ambulance from McMinn County head-on.

"We heard a loud boom," neighbor, Christopher Swafford says.

Neighbors and passersby along Highway 58 rushed the scene within seconds while calling 911.

"The paramedics were beating on the back door. They couldn't get the door open. My son opened the door and helped get the patient out," Swafford says.

The ambulance was taking a special needs child to a doctor's appointment when the head-on crash knocked it on its side.

"We climbed on top, determined the driver was minorly injured, the passenger in the cab was injured," Swafford says.

Another neighbor was trying to help the women in the truck, but it was too late.

"I was very scared when I heard my neighbor scream out like that," Swafford says.

That's when they realized who they were, Misty Browning and Jennifer Friddell. They were friends and well-liked in the community.

"It couldn't have happened to two better people," Swafford says.

He says Browning lives just up Highway 58 about half a mile and is married with a child.

"It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened at all. It's just wasted," Swafford says.

Neighbor Scotty Murphy went to school with Friddell and couldn't take the sight.

"It's the worst wreck I've ever see in my life and for it to be right in front of my house is devastating," Scotty Murphy says.

They said a prayer for their families as they watched the wreckage being hauled off.

"At least she's in a better place right now and my regrets go out to all of them," Murphy says.

Five people were inside the ambulance at the time of the crash. They were all taken to the hospital and have since been released.

Officials with Rural Metro Ambulance say they're not commenting on the accident while it's still under investigation, but say their prayers also go out the victim's families.