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First local Sandy volunteer back in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Thomas Myers recounts his brief stay in the Northeast, after Hurricane Sandy hit the area, leaving millions without power and homes destroyed.

He was part of the original group from Chattanooga sent to provide relief.

They arrived ahead of the storm, but only to face its wrath.

"It continued for three days," says Myers. "Then the storm came in with more rain. It was constant. We didn't have power for about 20 minutes at our hotel."

The path of Sandy's destruction can still be seen for miles and damaged homes and destroyed neighborhoods are left abandoned.

Myers says the first few days were chaotic especially when the gas shortage hit.

"A lot of times you would have to drive two miles to go past a service station, just to drive two miles back and wait in a line that is two miles long."

So far the Red Cross has helped nearly 3,700 families and delivered close to 5-million meals since Sandy struck.

In the Tennessee Valley the help hasn't stopped.

Seventh-day Adventist recovery groups are taking in donations to get to the much needed areas.

Terry Haight with the Adventist Disaster Recovery says, "It is really good to be able to organize these things and get help to the victims."

The only problem now is there isn't enough space to put all the volunteers.

Haight says the lack of power and hotels has put the road trip on standby

"I'm waiting on a call from FEMA right now. They said they need us, but have no where to put us."

Haight hopes to leave within the next few days.

Myers says he will rejoin the Red Cross in New Jersey after Thanksgiving.

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