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Two firefighters injured in Red Bank house fire

RED BANK, TN (WRCB) - Two firefighters are recovering after a house fire in Red Bank sent them to the hospital Saturday night. Investigators don't know what started it but they do know why part of the house collapsed on these firemen.

The two Red Bank firefighters injured are Joe Demary and Bill Garner. They are a little banged up, but thankful for training that it wasn't much worse.

Jenny Fien just moved into the Harwood Drive home in a month ago on a rent to own agreement. She hadn't set up her renter's insurance yet, which only added to the shock of spotting flames.

"Walked in the garage to put something up and saw the flames coming from the attic burning through the ceiling," resident Jenny Fien said.

It quickly spread. Using a fire extinguisher and garden hose didn't work. Firefighters from several departments rushed to the scene-- some attacking it from the inside as the blaze ripped through the attic.

"Fire is unpredictable. You never know how it breathes, when it's going to react," Hamilton County Emergency Services Spokesperson Amy Maxwell said.

"The house happened to have sealed heat which puts an extra weight on the ceiling as well as the fact that it has insulation in the attic," Red Bank Fire Department Assistant Chief Jerry Carter said.

The ceiling came crashing down on firefighters Joe Demary and Bill Garner.

"You could hear it. Sounded like all kinds of glass crashing," Fien said.

"They were hit from the back of the neck area and the back from the falling debris," Maxwell said.

"The training that's involved is how to react when situations like this occur. Not only for those firefighters but for the other firefighters who have to go in to take care of it," Carter said.

Fien says on top of making sure the injured men were pulled to safety, they worked to save as much of her family's personal belongings possible.

"The firefighters were absolutely amazing. They took great efforts in moving our furniture, pictures off the wall, covering things up," Fien said.

She's thankful they put their lives on the line for her, her home and her four dogs that were safely rescued.

"They cannot know how much we appreciate what they did," Fien said.

Demary and Garner are doing fine and are expected to return to work Monday. Again, the cause of the fire hasn't been determined yet. Because the house is unstable, Fien hasn't been allowed inside to see what is salvageable. She said she can tell through the windows they saved quite a bit. Still, damages are estimated at $60,000. The Red Cross is assisting her family.

The American Red Cross was called to the scene to assist them.

Damages estimated at $60,000 and cause is determined at this time and will be under investigation by Red Bank Fire Department.

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