CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - The home of the Chattanooga Lookouts has been buttoned up for the off-season. But, late on October 9th, some activities, un-sanctioned by the Southern League, were about to take place. "Two white males decided that they wanted to break into AT&T Field and paint it up," said Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones.

"Very rare, said Lookouts Vice President John Maedel. "We're locked up pretty tight and have security measures in place."

Much of the graffiti has since been removed, but that is not all the two did. "Once they were inside," explained Off. Jones, "they went into a couple of sky boxes, actually stole a TV."

Maedel was alerted the next day. "It was bright and early in the morning," he said. "I got a phone call from a friend of mine who runs the market letting us know our truck was in the middle of the pavilion."

That is the Chattanooga Market. The two had stolen a team pick-up truck, crashed it through a locked chain-link gate to flee and, sometime in the morning, ditched it in the First Tennessee Pavilion.

Chances are these two thugs have not kept quiet about their illegal escapade. "They like to brag about it," Jones explained. "And so, they may be going out and bragging to people, 'Yeah, I made Crime Stoppers. Lookie here, I painted a bunch of stuff out on the centerfield wall. That was me.'"

That can mean profit for you. Check the pictures and surveillance video, you will see they look to be young. One is wearing a T-shirt and shorts, the other in long-pants and a hoodie. Turn their boasting into cash. They will never know you dropped the dime on them. Share what you know, teach these two that crime does not pay, but doing the right thing does. "It's just a senseless act that we hope we don't have to put up with again," said Maedel.

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