UPDATE:The IRS, which regulates non-profit groups, prohibits charities from endorsing a candidate or making a political statement.

All churches are considered charities, even without applying for 501.3c status.

An IRS spokesperson could not comment on this specific case, but says if anyone feels a church is in violation they can contact the IRS.

TRENTON, DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - The election is over, but the debate has just begun in Trenton, where a church marquee has residents divided.

"That's not right," said Fredia Hoffman, getting a look at the sign.

Hoffman works a few blocks from Calvary Baptist Church, where the pastor's political views are no mystery.

"That's your opinion, you need to keep it to yourself, instead of sticking it out here for everyone to read," she said. "There's going to be a lot of differences in people's opinions and how they feel about that."

The sign declares homosexuals the winners and unborn children the losers in Tuesday's election. A statement that has everyone in Trenton talking.

Channel 3's camera was rolling as drivers stopped to take pictures of the sign they call "distasteful".

A nearby business owner told Channel 3 she doesn't want to be associated with the words on the sign.

But you don't have to go far to find those in support of the pastor's views.

"It's true, and it is what it is," said Kathy Everett, eating dinner with her family a few blocks from the church. "I'm proud to see someone stand up and believe what it is."

Channel 3 reached out to the pastor to talk about his beliefs, and what inspired him to post the message.

He denied our request for an interview, and refused to come out to talk with us.

Channel 3 was there as congregation members arrived for Wednesday night bible study, where some got a look at the sign for the first time.

Some shrugged it off.

Others defended it with their faith.

"I don't think it's political, he doesn't say anything about being political," said Bob Iverson, who attends the church regularly, "it's just the laws of God's word and what they state."

A declaration of faith, or a political assertion?

Whatever you call it, Fredia Hoffman says it makes her feel unwelcome in her hometown.

"I wouldn't go (to the church), and I'm sure my family wouldn't go."