CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- People across the Tennessee Valley made sure to stay up late and watch the presidential election results come in.

Whether you are pleased with the results or not, many have not been shy about expressing their opinions. It was a very tight race and just like the big divide on the vote, there's a variety of opinions on the outcome.

The City Cafe Diner in Chattanooga was full of emotion with the big news of Obama's victory.

"Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you've made me a better president," said Obama in his acceptance speech.

"I saw where it said 'Obama re-elected as president' and I just rolled back over, covered back up and said, 'Thank God it's over.' Now maybe my Facebook page will get back to normal," says Nolen Carter.

Carter is drowning his sorrows with a strong cup of coffee. He voted Romney.

"I'm one of these people, I don't like big government. I think the states know more what their needs are," he says.

"The presidential election? I was very pleased. Very pleased," says Roger Chitwood. When asked why, he responds, "Because I'm a Democrat."

Chitwood says he likes Obama for his support of unions and for his push for stronger health care.

"I have kids, grand kids and great grand kids and I want them to have at least the same health care insurance that I do," he says.

"I'm not happy with the results at all," says Romney supporter Jillian Phillips.

Voters like Phillips say they're not convinced Obama will turn the economy around, while others say he's doing the best he can.

"It's not Obama's fault. He just did what he could. And I'm proud of him and Ms. Michelle," says Prince Appleberry.

Even though the next four years are set in stone, most folks we talked with say they just hope both sides of the aisle can work together over the next four years.