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UPDATE: President Barack Obama re-elected: Decision 2012

Long lines at Concord Baptist, where seven precincts are gathered together. Photo by Cindy Sexton/WRCB Long lines at Concord Baptist, where seven precincts are gathered together. Photo by Cindy Sexton/WRCB
People are lined up early this morning at the Boynton Center in the Golden Gateway as they waited to cast their votes. Photo courtesy Times Free Press. People are lined up early this morning at the Boynton Center in the Golden Gateway as they waited to cast their votes. Photo courtesy Times Free Press.
A man fills out a ballot in a voting booth. Photo courtesy Larry W. Smith A man fills out a ballot in a voting booth. Photo courtesy Larry W. Smith

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11:15pm (NBC) -- NBC projects that winning President Barack Obama has been re-elected

11:11pm (NBC) -- NBC News projects Obama will win Iowa

11:06pm (NBC) -- NBC has projected Romney has won North Carolina

11:02pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Kimberly Barbour: 100% precincts reporting. Fleischmann 55.88% of votes. Headrick 40.80% of votes. Reactions from both candidates ahead on Channel 3 Eyewitness News

10:51pm (NBC) -- NBC declares Romney the winner of Arizona and Montana; Obama wins Minnesota.

10:45pm (NBC) -- NBC News projects Obama will win Minnesota.

10:28pm (WRCB) -- Ringgold votes yes to Sunday alcohol sales and liquor by the drink.

10:17pm (AP) -- Early returns show Georgia voters appear to be favoring a constitutional amendment that would give the state more involvement in approving local charter schools.

With 39 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, 57 percent of voters were supporting the ballot measure, with 43 percent opposed.

10:13pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Gordon Boyd: Past 10PM, but Desjarlais' Chief of Staff is expecting him to speak shortly. Unclear if it's Victory Speech.

10:09pm (AP) -- AP reports Romney wins Utah.

10:08pm (NBC) -- Both Romney and Obama have 162 electoral votes; it's tied.

10:03pm (WRCB) -- Incumbent Bebe Heiskell wins the Walker County sole commissioner race over write-in candidate Ales Campbell.

10:00pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Jonquil Newland:All votes in. Chitwood wins with 15684 votes for Whitfield Co Sheriff.

9:54pm (NBC) NBC News projects Obama will win NH

9:52pm (WRCB) -- 80% reporting for East Ridge Council: Manning-2,902 Gravitt-2,771 Pruett- 2,560 Lowrey-975 Cassidy-898 King-600. Top 2 win.

9:49pm (WRCB) -- With 32% reporting for #TN04, DeJarlais (R) leads Stewart (D) 52,501 to 35,104.

9:40pm (WRCB) -- Pikeville has passed both liquor sales referendums in close races; Referendum 1 - 51.9% to 48.10%; Referendum 2 - 57.55% to 42.45%

9:39pm (WRCB) -- With 32% reporting for #TN04, DeJarlais (R) leads Stewart (D) 52,501 to 35,104.

9:35pm (NBC) -- NBC News projects Obama will win Wisconsin

9:21pm (WRCB) -- WRCB projects Gary Langford the winner of Murray Co. sheriff race. Defeats incumbent Howard Ensley 3,919 to 2,960.

9:17pm (NBC) -- Obama projected to win Pennsylvania.

9:16pm (WRCB) -- Anchor David Carroll: Gardenhire-McGary race surprisingly close in #TNS10. Gardenhire leads 22,373 to 21,337. Big lead in Bradley Co boosts Gardenhire

9:11pm (NBC) -- Obama projected to win New Jersey.

9:08pm (NBC) -- Romney is projected to win Kansas, Obama projected to win Michigan.

Romney has added Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming to his tally.

9:04pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Kimberly Barbour: District 3 US House race called-- Republican Chuck Fleischmann wins second term. Getting ready to give victory speech.

8:47pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Jonquil Newland: 12 of 23 precincts in. Chitwood leads with 3689 votes. Stafford has 2409 for Whitfield County Sheriff.

8:39pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Antwan Harris: In the Tennessee 10th state district, Todd Gardenhire 11,856; Andrae McGary 15,219

8:37pm (WRCB) -- In the contentious U.S. District 4 Congressional race, incumbent Scott DesJarlais (R)- 25,294 leads challenger Eric Stewart (D)- 16,231.

8:31pm (WRCB) -- Senator Bob Corker, former Chattanooga mayor, has been re-elected. Acceptance speech coming shortly.

8:27pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Kimberly Barbour: Democratic election party. Headrick says no idea where she stands in District 3 House race.

8:20pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Keith Cawley: 3 precincts left in Dade County. Right now Ray Cross (R) with about a 400 vote lead on Phillip Street (D) in sheriff race.

8:19pm (WRCB) -- Reporter Jonquil Newland: 9 of 23 precincts in. Chitwood leads with 63% of votes, 2314. Stafford with 36%, 1322. Whitfield Co. Sheriff.

8:07pm (NBC) -- Obama has won Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Dele ware and the District of Columbia.

Romney has added Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma.

8:02pm (NBC) -- Romney has won Georgia's 16 electoral votes.


7:45pm (NBC) -- West Virginia (5 electoral votes) and South Carolina (9 electoral vote) have been called for Romney.


7:23pm (NBC) -- Romney has won Indiana (11 electoral votes) and Kentucky (8 electoral votes); Obama has won Vermont (3 electoral votes).


7:10pm (AP) -- There are people who believe in voting, and then there's Elsa Kennedy.

The National Association of Secretaries of State honored California's longest-serving poll worker with a medal Tuesday for her years of service - 75 of them, to be exact.

Kennedy, 96, born before women got the vote, began volunteering as a poll worker in San Francisco shortly after she reached eligible voting age. FDR was president - and it was his first term.


6:31pm (AP) -- There was wide agreement that the economy still has far to go - three-fourths of voters said it was poor or not so good, according to preliminary results of exit polls. Only a fourth thought they were better off financially than four years ago when President Barack Obama was elected.

The survey of voters as they left polling places showed 6 in 10 ranked the economy the top issue. The majority who don't yet see economic improvement were roughly divided over whether things were getting even worse or just stuck in place.


6:24pm (AP) -- According to a study published by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 22 percent of registered voters have told others which candidates they support on a social networking site like Twitter or Facebook.

Those broadcasting their political views and votes are from both parties - 25 percent of President Barack Obama's supporters have posted their preferences and 20 percent of Massachusetts Go. Mitt Romney's supporters have done the same.

Forty-five percent of registered voters ages 18-29 say they have been encouraged to vote for another candidate via social media, the Pew study says.


6:23pm  (AP) -- Superstorm Sandy's floodwaters drove Bob Mackie from his home on Long Beach Island, N.J., but nothing was going to stop him from voting Tuesday. The 72-year-old widower drove an hour each way to cast his ballot at a makeshift polling site for island residents, refusing to be disenfranchised by the devastation.

"A lot of people died for it, so we better exercise it," Mackie said of the right to vote.


6:19pm (AP) -- Paul Ryan, his voice hoarse from days of breakneck campaigning, called in to Sean Hannity's radio show to urge anyone who hasn't yet voted to get to the polls.

"What I always tell people is, it's not over till it's over," he said.

Ryan told the conservative talk show host that good signs abound for him and Mitt Romney, from high turnout in Virginia to the thousands of supporters who turned up at rallies in the final days.


6:12pm (AP) -- Lines in Iowa, with its six electoral votes, weren't too bad at polling stations Tuesday - in part because up to 45 percent of the state's voters cast ballots early.

About 670,000 people had voted in Iowa by Monday night, according to Chad Olsen, a spokesman for Secretary of State Matt Schultz.

It's the sort of thing happening all around the country, though not necessarily in such high numbers.

Based on Monday's projections from George Mason University, 46.8 million Americans - more than one-third of those expected to cast ballots - would have voted by the time the first polls opened Tuesday morning.


5:58pm (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he's already written his victory speech.

Romney on Tuesday told reporters flying on his campaign plane that he hasn't written a concession speech in case he loses. He says a loss is possible only because, quote, "nothing is certain in politics." He says he "fought to the very end" to win the presidency.

The Republican nominee says that he has long believed intellectually that he would win, but he's now feeling it emotionally as well.  Read more here.


5:33pm (AP) -- Preliminary results of an exit poll conducted for The Associated Press show that the presidential election hinges once again on the economy.

The survey of voters as they leave polling places Tuesday shows 6 in 10 voters say the economy is the top issue facing the nation, with unemployment and rising prices hitting voters hard.

About 4 in 10 say they think the nation's economy is on the mend, but more say that things are getting worse or are bad and stagnating.  Read more here.


5:31pm (AP) -- Stop us if anything in here sounds familiar.

Election. Burglary. Political party office.

Police detectives are investigating an overnight burglary at the Seattle headquarters of the Washington state Democratic Party. Someone arriving for work found a broken window and open door and got police involved at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It's not yet known what might have been taken - and police spokesman Mark Jamieson says there's no immediate indication of a political motivation.

He calls it a burglary in a building that happens to house campaign folks.


5:29pm (AP) -- One more thing to add to the list of potential nightmare scenarios if the presidential election is extremely close: Provisional ballots that aren't counted for days or weeks.

Voters cast provisional ballots for a variety of reasons, including failing to bring ID to the polls, not updating voter registration after moving or trying to vote at the wrong precinct.

A federal election law passed after the 2000 presidential election gives voters the option to cast a provisional ballot, if poll workers deny them a regular one. In Ohio and Pennsylvania, voters who don't bring an ID to the polls can still have their votes counted if they produce an ID after Election Day. In Ohio, provisional voters have up to 10 days post-election to produce an ID.

If voters in Florida don't bring an ID to the polls, they must sign a provisional ballot envelope. Canvassing boards then will try to match the signatures with those in voter registration records, a process that conjures up images of the 2000 presidential election in Florida.

"It's a possibility of a complete meltdown for the election," said Daniel Smith, a political scientist at the University of Florida.


5:27pm (AP) -- After landing this afternoon at Pittsburgh International Airport, Mitt Romney walked from his plane to a fence on the edge of the runway. What he saw: a huge crowd gathered in a nearby parking garage to watch his arrival.

"That's when you know you're going to win," Romney said after waving to the roaring crowd.

Check out a photo here: pic.twitter.com/X4eDutqG


5:25pm (AP) -- Paul Ryan has a backup plan. In addition to being Republican Mitt Romney's running mate, the Wisconsin congressman is seeking re-election to the U.S. House. Ryan has held his 1st District seat in southeast Wisconsin since 1998.

State law allowed Ryan to run for VP and Congress at the same time.

It's been an uphill climb for his challengers for the House, Democratic businessman Rob Zerban and Libertarian Keith Deschler. Zerban tried for weeks - unsuccessfully - to get Ryan to debate him.

And what if Ryan wins twice Tuesday? He would have to resign from Congress and a special election would be held to fill the House seat.


5:14pm (NBC) -- A Pennsylvania electronic voting machine was taken out of service after being captured on video changing a vote for President Obama into one for Mitt Romney, NBC News has confirmed. Republicans have also said machines have turned Romney votes into Obama ones.

The video was first posted on YouTube by user "centralpavoter." It shows a voter's finger repeatedly pressing the button for Obama, but a check mark coming up next to Romney's name.

NBC News confirmed that the machine has been taken off line.  See the video here.


5:08pm (NBC) -- Millions of Americans are heading to the polls this Election Day, but the vote for president is not the only thing on the ballot.

In an unprecedented move, three states will vote on whether to allow the recreational use of marijuana.

Voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington are all considering measures that would effectively legalize pot in their respective states.

If the measures are approved residents over 21 would be permitted to possess cannabis, much like cigarettes or alcohol, from stores licensed and regulated by the state.  Read more here.


5:00pm (AP) -- Ever wonder how a news organization calls a race at poll closing, when not one single vote has been counted? The Associated Press' Stephen Ohlemacher has a fairly simple explanation.

For landslide elections, exit polls sometimes provide enough data to determine the winners. Workers stand outside polling places, asking voters to fill out confidential questionnaires about how they voted.

For more competitive races, analysts may use vote tallies from randomly selected voting precincts to supplement data from the exit polls. Workers report vote totals soon after the polls close, giving analysts a quick look at how the election is shaping up in that state.

For races that are even more competitive, news organizations rely on the AP vote count, the only national source of election results in all U.S. counties and other vote-reporting jurisdictions. The AP is deploying more than 5,000 workers today to collect vote results and report them to news organizations - and the public - around the world. The AP will report results for nearly 7,000 races.

Government officials get the final say, of course. Congress verifies the Electoral College votes for president and vice president, while state and county officials certify local election results.


4:45pm (AP) -- Expressing confidence but leaving nothing to chance, President Barack Obama indulged his superstitions by engaging in a traditional Election Day basketball game with friends as the race that will determine his political future was finally in the hands of voters.

Obama headed for the hard court after he gave a final exhortation to his volunteers to get out the vote, voiced optimism about his chances and congratulated rival Mitt Romney on a "spirited campaign."

"I expect that we'll have a good night," he said.  Read more here.


4:29pm (WRCB) -- Several alert web visitors have noticed our online election results already show votes in the Presidential race.  

The reason: voters in Dixville Notch and Hart's Location in New Hampshire traditional vote at 12:01am on Election Day and those votes are automatically recorded and made official.

For the record, the two hamlets combined to cast 28 votes for Obama, 14 votes for Romney, and one vote for Gary Johnson.

The next set of votes to be reported will come in just after 6:00 p.m. ET from Indiana and Kentucky.


4:22pm (AP) -- Poll watchers in Memphis and Nashville were reporting many voting problems on Tuesday, but few had to do with the state's new voter photo ID law.

Instead, volunteers in Nashville said the problems were too few voting machines, too few workers, no change of address forms, no provisional ballots and people being sent away without being told they could vote provisionally.

In Memphis, many people were reporting problems voting because their polling places had changed due to redistricting.

Deputy City Attorney Regina Morrison Newman said that lawyers in her office were able to direct voters to their correct polling places, but she was astounded at the number of calls they had received.

Federal voting monitors were in place in both cities.


4:08pm (AP) -- Puerto Ricans were facing a fundamental question on Election Day: Should they change their ties with the United States?

Citizens in the U.S. island territory cannot vote in the U.S. presidential election, but many were excited to participate in a referendum that could push the territory toward statehood, greater autonomy or independence.

Car horns blared and party flags waved as voters headed to polling stations, many carrying umbrellas against the blistering tropical sun as temperatures neared 90 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees centigrade).

The two-part referendum first asks voters if they want to change Puerto Rico's 114-year relationship with the United States. A second question gives voters three alternatives if they do want a change: become the 51st U.S. state, independence, or "sovereign free association," a designation that would give more autonomy for the territory of 4 million people.  Read more here.


4:02pm (NBC) -- Many people living in the cities and towns devastated by Superstorm Sandy broke off from their cleanups and searches for keepsakes to vote Tuesday in the presidential election, with one man noting it was "the first step toward recovery."

Election officials in New Jersey and New York made special provisions for voters who lost their homes after Sandy pounded the Northeast, leaving many homeless and without gas to fuel their cars, and polling stations without power. 

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo allowed people in the disaster areas to vote at any polling station they could get to, while in New Jersey, they could do so by email or by hitching a ride with troops or aid groups to the voting booths, according to NBC New YorkRead more here.


3:45pm (AP) -- One particular race - the one for the right to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - gets the most attention on Election Day. There are thousands of others, too, of course.

The Associated Press tabulates results in 4,818 contested races, including 379 statewide races, nationwide.

That's in addition to declaring thousands of uncontested races. There are even 13 uncontested contests for the 435-seat U.S. House of Representatives.

Tuesday's races include 33 spots in the Senate and 11 governorships.

The AP also will tally 177 statewide ballot measures, along with state legislative races in 44 states, hundreds of state constitutional offices, judicial and mayoral races, many local ballot measures - and on and on it goes.


3:32pm (AP) -- President Barack Obama has paused his Election Day schedule for a moment for something he loves - basketball.

The president's motorcade made a 10 minute drive to Attack Athletics, a sports complex, to play hoops with friends and staff. Dozens of people lining the streets waved and cheered as Obama made his way to the complex.

Among those playing alongside the president: Mike Ramos, a childhood friend from Hawaii, and Marty Nesbitt, a friend from Chicago.


3:19pm (NBC) -- In an election that was supposed to be about jobs, jobs and jobs, the unemployed vote appears to be a dead heat.

In an exclusive look at how the unemployed will likely vote, CNBC found 26 percent of the public report either they or someone in their household has lost a job in the past four years.

But this group splits 48 percent to 48 percent in their presidential choice, similar to the broader population, which splits 48 percent to 47 percent for President Obama. Read more here.


3:04pm (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden was joking about his next run for office even before Tuesday's election results were in.

At a surprise campaign stop in Cleveland, Biden joked that he might run for a local office.

"I'm going to go back home and run for county council or something," Biden told a customer at the Landmark Restaurant. Home for Biden is Delaware. Read more here.


2:55pm (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's year-long quest for the presidency is ending with a last-minute round of campaigning in one state he's showered with attention and another he's largely ignored.

After voting near his Boston-area home, Romney was betting that an eleventh-hour appeal to working-class voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania would help him defeat President Barack Obama. He visited both states Tuesday.

"This is a big day for big change," Romney told staffers and volunteers at a Cleveland-area campaign office. Read more here.


2:41pm (NBC) -- A hoax telling voters what to do while in the voting booth is spreading on Facebook; the best thing you can do is ignore it and whatever you do, don't pass it on.

The post that's being shared says for those voters who are Democrats to "not select the button 'all Democrats' first, because Barack Obama will be excluded from the vote. However, if we choose 'Barack Obama' first, and then 'all Democrats' he will earn our votes!!!"

The trouble is, this is the opposite of what voters should be doing, at least in certain very specific cases. Read more here.


2:10pm (AP) -- It's not just the choice of candidates that is contentious this presidential election. Voting itself, and who gets to do it, has become such a hot issue that federal election monitors are in Memphis and Nashville watching the polls.

On the one side of the controversy, people concerned about voter fraud want more protections to ensure that only those qualified to vote cast ballots. That concern led to the state's new voter photo identification law and may have been behind a poll worker training in Nashville that taught workers how to challenge a voter's citizenship. Read more here.


2:06pm (AP) -- On New York City's Staten Island, voters lined up outside dark tents to vote in areas still without power after Superstorm Sandy. In the Jersey Shore community of Little Egg Harbor Township, voters cast ballots in a mobile polling station dubbed the "vote-a-bago", just one week after Sandy devastated towns and cities along the state's coastline.

Check out two AP videos: http://bit.ly/SUBf3k and http://bitly.com/UgLWBT


1:55pm (NBC) -- NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams reports that a state court judge has ordered local election officials to cover up an Obama mural at a Philadelphia school serving as polling place after numerous complaints from voters.


1:48pm (WRCB) -- Channel 3 reporter Callie Starnes checks in from North Chattanooga, where the voters she spoke to said they were split. They also said they put a lot of time, research and thought into their votes.


1:32pm (WRCB) -- Channel 3 anchor Cindy Sexton checks in from Concord Baptist Church, where seven precincts are gathered together in one voting location. She says the wait is about 15 minutes, but the poll workers are among the friendliest she's ever seen.


1:25pm (WRCB) -- Channel 3 reporter Callie Starnes reports the lunch rush is still underway at the Avondale Recreation Center. Poll workers estimate 300 votes have already been cast and more voters are still coming in. She says there is a lot of emotion from the voters she spoke with.


1:15pm (AP) -- Hardly anybody likes Congress. Yet despite public disgust with the gridlock between lawmakers and President Barack Obama that has dominated the past two years, Republicans remain in position to continue controlling the House for the next two years, probably by about the same margin as now.

Democrats had been hoping to add the 25 seats on Election Day that they would need to run the chamber, or at least gain a healthy number of districts. Now, after both sides' House candidates and their allies spent a record $1.1 billion campaigning, it appears Democrats may pick up a handful of seats or even lose some strength in Tuesday's voting.

Though all 435 House seats were in play, only around 60 featured truly competitive races. Read more here.


1:00pm (AP) -- Majority Democrats fought Republicans for control of the Senate on Tuesday after a bitter campaign marked by roughly $1 billion in outside spending in competitive races from Virginia to Montana.

Democrats currently hold 51 seats in the Senate plus two independents who caucus with the party. Republicans have 47 seats and a loss early on in Massachusetts would make their path to the majority even harder.

Republicans need a net of four seats, three if Republican Mitt Romney wins the presidency. Read more here.


12:46pm (AP) -- Here's an odd moment just in from Election Day, courtesy of AP's Philip Elliott, traveling by plane with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

He reports: "Ryan wheels down in Cleveland. On final descent, VP Biden's motorcade could be seen out the right windows pulling away from Air Force Two."

Biden made an unannounced stop in Cleveland a bit ago, placing him and Ryan, his rival for the vice presidency, in very close proximity on Election Day in the very competitive state of Ohio.


12:22pm (WRCB) -- A spokesperson for the Hamilton County Democratic Party said they have been notified that there are problems at the Ridgedale polling place, with people backed up waiting to vote. HCDP Chairman Paul Smith says that this morning has seen a "consistent pattern" of problems in polling places that strongly skew Democratic.


11:56am (Times Free Press) -- Voting was reportedly moving smoothly in Hamilton County this morning though voting machines that serve Alton Park and Snow Hill were down for a brief time.

Administrator of Elections Charlotte Mullis-Morgan of the election commission said a machine at the Bethlehem Center, serving Alton Park, and one at Hamilton County High School on Career Lane in Harrison, which serves Snow Hill precincts one and two, were down briefly.

But they are functioning again, she said. "Everything is up and going." Read more here.


11:53am (AP) -- France's version of the U.S. Election Day is playing out ... on the plate.

For 24 hours, the popular Breakfast in America diner in central Paris is offering two special additions to the menu: an Obama Burger and a Romney Omelette. The owner will count how many dishes are sold by the end of the day and the U.S. election winner, as decided by French palates, will be declared.

One problem: The Obama Burger is bursting with sausages and pickles, whereas the Romney Omelet is plain and simple - almost guaranteed to sell less.


11:43am (NBC) -- Vice President Joe Biden is wheels down in Cleveland, Ohio, for unannounced stop before heading to Chicago.


11:40am (NBC) -- Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are scheduled to make a campaign appearance in Cleveland, OH shortly.


11:30am (NBC) -- President Obama visits one of his campaign offices in his hometown of Chicago.


11:17am (AP) -- A pregnant suburban Chicago woman didn't let being in labor stop her from voting in her first presidential election.

Cook County Clerk David Orr reports that 21-year-old Galicia Malone's water had broken and her contractions were about five minutes apart. But Orr says she still made the detour en route to the hospital to vote this morning at the polls at New Life Celebration Church in Dolton, Ill.

No word yet on if the baby was born.


11:02am (AP) -- For some in the storm recovery zone, voting today is an emotional event.

On Long Island, Sarah Brewster, 39, was shaken when she entered the East Elementary School in Long Beach to vote and noticed that the clocks were all stopped at 7:27 - the time on Monday evening when everyone in the community lost power. She started crying when she emerged from the crowded school cafeteria, surrounded by more reminders of the hurricane - the loud hum of generators to keep the school open and the portable toilets on the sidewalk.


11:00am (AP) -- Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has cast his ballot - at the Janesville library in Wisconsin. Ryan, wife Janna and his three children arrived at the Janesville library to vote in a presidential race that entered its final day on Tuesday.


10:47am (AP) -- President Barack Obama is extending congratulations to rival Mitt Romney "on a spirited campaign." Obama says he's "confident we've got the votes to win."

Obama says he knows Romney supporters are "just as engaged, just as enthusiastic."


10:37am (AP) -- The Google Doodle today in the United States is the word "Google" in the shape of various ballots, floating through the air into a star-spangled ballot box.

In these divisive times, the palette of fairness is calibrated perfectly: The two Gs and the E are in red, and the two Os and the L are in blue. (Check it out at www.google.com)


10:24am (AP) -- Residents of two tiny villages in northern New Hampshire headed to the polls at midnight, casting the first Election Day votes in the nation.

After 43 seconds of voting, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney each had 5 votes in Dixville Notch - the first time the community had a tie.


10:02am  (Times Free Press) -- Voting machines in Chattooga County in North Georgia switched briefly to backup power when there was a 10-minute power outage shortly before 9 a.m. today.

Becky Duke of Election Superintendent Jon Payne's office said that the outage was brief and the backup systems functioned properly.


9:21am (NBC) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney voted this morning in Massachusetts.  Romney and his wife Ann cast their ballots at this polling station near their home in Belmont.


8:08am (AP) -- The polls are opening across Tennessee. Voters will cast ballots in the presidential race, for one U.S. Senate seat, nine U.S. House contests, the entire state House and half of the state Senate.

More than 1.4 million Tennessee voters cast ballots during the early voting period.


7:0 am (AP) -- Georgia voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots for president. Neither President Barack Obama nor Republican candidate Mitt Romney has viewed Georgia as a swing state, although both have made stops in the state for fundraisers.


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