EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) -- Many residents of East Ridge found a political mailer in their mailboxes on Friday that has raised questions over who was behind it and how it was paid for.

The mailer features endorsements of two City Council candidates by former East Ridge City Manager and Hamilton County Commissioner Curtis Adams as well as some sharp criticisms of the current administration of the city.

However, East Ridge Mayor Brent Lambert said he believes the mailer violates state election law.

"It is political advertising, yet does not clearly provide a disclaimer expressing who paid for it," he pointed out in a statement issued Saturday. "As a citizen and taxpayer, it concerns me that we have a former county commissioner and a mysterious, unnamed group of individuals attempting to influence our city elections by ignoring very basic election laws and failing to divulge who actually paid for the political advertising."

Mayor Lambert also had strong disagreements with claims made by Adams in the mailer that referenced "runaway spending" and the amount the city pays for legal fees.

Channel 3 has left messages with Mr. Adams for his comment on Mayor Lambert's statements, but he has not returned our calls.