MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- McMinn County's Property Assessor office is being tight lipped about accusations that Property Assessor Jerry Anderson was caught shoplifting last month. However, residents are approaching the issue differently.

"He don't need to be in office," resident Hoyt Watson says.

Officers say the alleged incident happened in neighboring Bradley County. The police report states Anderson was caught stealing a $50 bottle of Kenneth Cole perfume on Oct. 26 at a Kohl's in Cleveland.  

The report goes on to say Anderson was hiding the bottle of perfume and walked out of the store, skipping the cash register. Store employees caught up with him outside and took the bottle back.

"A man that shoplifts, if he does it one way he'll do it another," Watson says. 

Channel 3 asked McMinn County Mayor John Gentry if he knew of any other instances in McMinn County where the same thing happened. He says there is no official record of this happening in the past.

A call to the McMinn County Court Clerk's Office, the McMinn County Sheriff's Department and the Athens Police Department confirms there is no record of Anderson shoplifting in McMinn County.

After a lengthy visit with the Property Assessors Office, Anderson released the following statement.

"I've been cited to general sessions or small claims court for a matter that occurred outside of this county and is unrelated to my position as McMinn County Property Assessor. I've been advised there is a process to be adhered to in this matter and my attorney will advise me as to that process." - Jerry Anderson

Anderson was cited for shop lifting in Bradley County, it's a misdemeanor.

Mayor Gentry went on to say Anderson did approach him about the matter recently and he is saddened and disappointed about it but no action will be taken until the State goes through its process.