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Cindy Sexton remembers Tina Harr

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Today is the funeral service for a dear friend who fought a long battle against cancer.    

A woman many of you knew and loved.

Tina Harr taught me how to live.

She never met a stranger.  She cared deeply about others and lived her life showing it.

Tina was with the YMCA for more than 30 years. She loved the Y and its people. She was the founding director of the Hamilton Y and she loved working with young people.

I wanted to tell you about Tina because I think you, too, will be inspired.

She and her husband John raised two boys.

David, the older son fought a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis.

David may have known his life would be short, but he stayed upbeat. He grabbed hold of life, his friends, his school and he loved his theatre classes.  We lost David just before graduation at Notre Dame high school.

He made an impact  - and Chris is doing so now.  He is a student assistant coach of the Mocs, after playing four years for UTC.

The Mocs  never had a bigger cheerleader than Tina.

At six feet tall when she was healthy, Tina was seen and heard in the stands at every game.

We celebrated with her this summer when Chris married Brittany and Tina was the life of the party, full of joy for her son.  

Tina took a room when she entered it. Not because she wanted to be the center of attention, but because she was a force, a positive force.

Always brightening everyone else's spirits.

After retiring she volunteered at the Food Bank. When there was a turkey shortage just before the holidays, Tina grabbed her phone and got enough donations to meet the need.

When she was in the hospital, she didn't talk about herself with visitors. She always asked about others, wanting every detail.    

On a  personal note, Tina and John visited my father when he was sick, lifting up all the patients around him, too.  

After Dad died, Tina got close to my Mom, taking her to lunch and just loving her.  

This is simply my small part of the story of Tina Harr's life. She touched hundreds of people everywhere she went.

I think my Mom put it best when she said "I can't imagine Chattanooga without Tina Harr."   

Neither can any of us who were so blessed to know her.  

But this is how she wants to be remembered.

With a smile .

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