HIXSON, TN. (WRCB) -- The tug of war continues between people living in the Hixson community and a property developer.

The Scenic Land Company is requesting 190 acres be rezoned for apartments, an office complex and retail space.

The land in question sits at the corner of Boy Scout Road and Highway 153.

Dozens of people packed into the Hixson Community Center, as the Scenic Land Company went over revised plans for its "Live, Work, Play" development.

Some wore shirts, reading, "Don't Chop the Hilltop."

At one point, the meeting became heated.

"I was fed up with the misleading statements that were made through the previous two hours," says Gregory Vickrey.

Gregory Vickrey is with the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy.

He and others maintain the developer has been slow to communicate with residents, with most of the protest directed at Duane Horton, who represents the developer.

"He continually states that we stated that this project is a mall," Vickrey says. "We have never stated that."

"There was a two-dimensional plan that showed a lot of things," Horton says. "But now, there's a narrative that goes along with, that accompanies, what we're going to do, that you can't necessarily write on a plan."

Horton and his team members passed out informational packets, assuring the conservancy and the community it's taking extreme measures to properly handle storm water run-off, and that no soil will be removed from the site during construction.

Horton also says a natural tree barrier will surround the site.

"We've offered a hundred foot buffer, which is more than any other private development I know of in Hixson, maybe Chattanooga," says Horton.

"My residence is like six houses from the property line," says Landen Stricker.

Landen Stricker says he's concerned about his property value, but is trying to keep an open mind.

"What he said tonight sounded good," Stricker says. "If he's going to leave all that buffer zone, that'll be very, very helpful."

Overall, Scenic Land Company says it's determined to maintain an open dialogue with the community.

The developer says it hopes to hold another public meeting within the next week and a half.



After Channel 3 aired this story, Duane Horton with Scenic Land Company issued a response to statements made by Gregory Vickrey.

Horton says billboards posted by the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy contradict Vickrey's comments on building a mall. Horton emailed a picture of one of the billboards.