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"Can't let it go": worker gives chase, foils purse-snatching

A stretch of Calhoun Avenue, off of Rossville Boulevard, is so sketchy, office staffers say, that they lock the doors of Marble Valley Stone Co., when its crew is working a construction or remodeling job.

What happened outside its back door Halloween Eve, Tufan Guleryuz says, he and his crew couldn't ignore.

"I feel like if you see something, and that's wrong. A nd you let it go, we give them encouragement to do the wrong thing again,"  Guleryuz says.

Workers had been cutting and polishing granite countertops. Guleryuz was working up an order for a client's kitchen remodeling.

"The client's wife came in, said something is wrong," he says. Screaming, we just rush out--saw a lady laying down."

She was beaten unconscious. Her purse was missing

"They (her attackers) were just walking down the street, and she (the client's wife) pointed them out," Guleryuz says. "Those are the kids! Those are the kids! somebody call 911!"

He didn't know whether they had a gun. Or asked himself whether he might risk the same fate as Ms. Green had met.

"I guess it was just the adrenaline rush at that point. I didn't think about it. I get in my car and start chasing them.

He would trail them, off of Calhoun Avenue. His client would follow in his own car.

Down two more back streets.

For about 20 minutes.

When they stopped, he did too.

"I got out of my car and confronted them," Guleryuz says.

"Only thing I asked him is, what are you doing hitting a woman? And is this your purse? And he said 'I got nothing to do with it,' and just took off!"

Leaving the purse.

By then, he could leave it to the law.

"The cops just chased them on foot for about three hours," he says. Several units with them and a canine as well. I never would have figured they would spend that long on a purse-snatcher. But it was a pretty good chase."

Ending in one capture.

Robert Lee Penn, 18, is being held on $20,000 bond. The client identified him as the suspect who attacked the victim.

"She was out cold, for a good five minutes after we got to her," coworker Willie Huie says. "Didn't know who or what had hit her."

An ambulance took her to Erlanger Medical Center. They would learn that she suffered a concussion.

Guleryuz knows her name, but he hasn't heard from her. Channel 3 has been unable to find her.

But Guleryuz is clear as to why he had to act.

Definitely, part of it was that she was a lady," he says.

"But when we see a crime, we have to do something about it, instead of standing there and watching it happen. We have to let them know it is wrong, so maybe they will learn a lesson from it."

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