NASHVILLE (WRCB)- Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman hopes parents will take a close look at the State Report Card and "ask a lot of questions."  Containing more information than in previous years, the report card offers detailed data on academic achievement, graduation and dropout rates, discipline and teacher quality.

Huffman says he's pleased about "overall improvement" statewide, but has concerns about "gaps," particularly when it comes to differences in scores between disabled and non-disabled students.  The gap is at 18.2 percent in all subjects, and is substantially higher in high school English.

During a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Huffman said the state is continuing to monitor the lowest-performing schools, noting the special attention given to schools "in the bottom five percent."  Those schools, including five in Hamilton County, are being given additional resources and opportunities for grants to improve their standings.  "It won't happen overnight," Huffman said, "but we will expect, and see gradual improvement."

Still, Huffman chose to focus on highlights, including statewide progress in math and science.  In Hamilton County, high school students made year-to-year gains in English and math, while students in grades 3-8 inched upward in math and language arts. 

Hamilton County also shows little change from year to year in suspensions, expulsions, ACT scores, the graduation rate, social studies and science scores.

The entire Report Card, including individual scores for school districts and each school, can be found at