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Local businesses feeling "Superstorm" effect

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) - Lunchtime at the New York Pizza Department in Hixson is busy as usual, but owner Kurt Cilen says he serving pies with a heavy heart.

Several of his family members in the New York area are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

"In Lindenhurst New York where one of my cousins is, he was on the news talking about. His neighborhood flooded pretty significantly."

Tuesday, Sandy leaves roads flooded and millions in the dark.

Cilen says in addition to his family woes, on the business side, he gets some ingredients from the Northeast and is prepared for long delays on some menu items.

"Being that they will probably shut down for a couple of weeks, some items will be affected," Cilen says. "I'll have to do my best to run business as usual."

Cilen is one of several business in the area feeling the effects of Sandy.

U.S. Xpress has facilities in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Executive Vice President Of Sales & Marketing John White tells Channel 3 plans were in place last week to protect drivers and customer stock from being damaged.

"We have some shutdowns on the New Jersey Turnpike and for us that creates challenges beyond the affected area into New England."

White says the shutdown situation changes as Sandy passes.

In the meantime, U.S. Xpress is on the helping end, getting relief efforts in massive quantities where it's needed.

"Whether it is moving water for FEMA or generators for commercial companies, we are getting help to affected areas and to the folks that need it most," White says.

Cilen says his thoughts are with his home city.

"I would love to help them if I could. If they needed it, I would jet town and get up there if I could."

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