PORTLAND (NBC) -- A legal battle is brewing over who should care for "Obie", a dachshund from Oregon that made national headlines for his enormous size.

Obie has been living in Portland with a foster mom, Nora Vanetta for a couple months.

She appeared on shows like the Today Show, and started a Facebook page highlighting the struggle to get Obie to lose weight.

Now, the Oregon dachshund rescue is suing her to get him back.

They say Vanetta hasn't had the dog's best interest at heart.

Attorney Geordie Duckler said: "The dog was not supposed to be a media sensation it was just supposed to simply be cared for. It needed vet treatment, it needed an exercise regime, it needed a program that actually addresses nutritional problems it needed attention."

Vanetta took to Facebook to defend herself, saying "Obie" has inspired thousands of people and has lost 15 pounds while in her care.

Both parties will argue their case in court.