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Windy through the day; wind advisory canceled

(WRCB) - When I lived in Sarasota, Florida, Hurricane Charlie rumbled through Charlotte County which was one county south.  One of the emergency managers used to say Sarasota, which only had some gusty winds, had a front row seat to a disaster.

That is how I would equate our area with the remnants of Sandy moving through the northeast and the Midwest.  While devastating wind, rain, snow, and storm surge ravage those areas, we are looking at a wind advisory here.

Basically, we are on the southwest fringe of Sandy's impact.  The winds around Sandy reach out about 800 miles, so we are feeling some of that.  The counterclockwise flow of air around Sandy will give us northwest winds blowing from 10-20mph in the valleys, and 15-25mph in the mountains.  Gusts will be higher up to 40mph.

I expect these winds to continue through the day. 

Wednesday will be breezy, then Wednesday night into Thursday, the winds will finally begin to subside.

Tonight, those winds will bring in much cooler air.  Lows heading into Wednesday morning will be about 5-10 degrees cooler than this morning.  A freeze warning has already been issued for tonight for our north Georgia counties.

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