WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)  --  Five trucks and ten Angel EMS crew members packed up and headed north around midnight Monday morning.

"We got our orders from FEMA to go to Fort Dix New Jersey," Dewayne Wilson says.

Once they arrive the team will figure out where the storm surge is expected and head that way. They're expecting to stay at least seven days.

"We get deployed out to the storm surge area for any handicapped or mentally handicapped individuals, to move them inland where they don't get in the middle of the storm and stranded," Wilson says.

About a month ago the Angel EMS team was in Louisiana to help with Tropical Storm Isaac. The last time they were up north with during Hurricane Irene but this time things are expected to get worse, much worse.

"They're thinking the storm surge will be twice what it was from Irene," says Wilson.

Back in the Tennessee Valley organizations like Operation Compassion is getting ready to send truck loads of supplies when they're needed.

"We have blankets, we have cleaning supplies, we have portable cots," Lisa Boen says.

That's just the beginning, their 80,000 square foot warehouse is packed with $240 million dollars worth of supplies ready to be shipped out on a moment's notice.

"We don't put a number on it, we send as many as they need," says Boen.

If you would like to make a monetary donation visit www.operationcompassion.org.