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Chattanooga woman delivers baby in master bathroom

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Wednesday October 17th started like any other for expecting mother Brittany Palmer.

"I got up, I was actually cleaning some of our bathroom and I ate breakfast and I started having a few pains, a few cramps and I was like OK, not too bad," says Brittany.

She was 39 weeks pregnant with her first child. Her due date wasn't for another week and she had a doctor's appointment later that day. However, nature had other plans. "All the sudden they started hitting back to back, contractions were like 2 minutes apart all of a sudden," Brittany says.

Her husband, James Palmer, was on the way home. "I wasn't thinking this was it, I was thinking this is the beginning. These things take hours from what I've heard, we have time but I was by all means in a hurry," says James.

Their baby was also in a hurry, Brittany called 911. "I'm having contractions, my husband is on his way home but now I feel something coming out," she tells dispatch.

James was home within minutes and took over the phone conversation. "Get her to lie on her back, try to keep her calm," the dispatcher says. "Encourage her to push with each contraction."

One push is all it took. "The baby is here, the baby is out," James yells. "Okay, make sure you clear the air way. Turn the baby's head sideways to make sure it can cough," the dispatcher says.

James got home just a couple minutes before noon, seven minutes later Savannah Elise Palmer was welcomed into the world.

"I was totally not prepared for that. I was thinking ok we'll stabilize her, we'll get her to the hospital. It will all happen there," James explains.

They weren't surrounded by doctors or medical equipment, all they needed was each other. "She's just our little miracle baby I guess," Brittany says.

Emergency crews arrived a couple minutes after the birth to take them to the hospital where doctors confirmed they had a healthy baby girl.

The Palmers say they couldn't have done it without the help of the 911 dispatcher, who was in training at the time. It was truly a first for everyone.

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