CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The City of Chattanooga's Department of Public Works announces loose leaf collection season will begin in November and continue through February. 

Public Works crews will collect loose leaves on each residential street two times during the season. Bagged leaves, loose leaves, and brush must be separated at the curb for collection. Residents must request bagged yard waste collection and brush collection by calling 3-1-1.

Leaves and brush may also be taken to the Wood Recycling Center located at 3925 N. Hawthorne Street where wood chips and leaf compost are also available free of charge to City of Chattanooga residents.

Leaf collection is a residential service only.  It is illegal for landscapers or contractors to dispose of yard waste, including brush and leaves, by placing materials at the curb for City collection.

The Department of Public Works maintains an interactive collection area map which will detail areas where loose leaves have been collected, areas where loose leaves are currently being collected, and areas which have not yet received service.  This interactive map will be updated regularly during loose leaf collection season and may be accessed from

These guidelines will help with efficient collection of leaves:

  • Separate loose leaves, bagged leaves, brush and bulky items.  These materials are collected, processed, and disposed of differently. 
  • Move loose leaves, bagged leaves, and brush as close to the curb edge of pavement as possible, but avoid placing the materials in the street or co-mingling materials.  
  • Avoid raking leaves into ditches.  Doing so can cause flooding problems and have a negative impact on water quality.
  • Avoid raking leaves into the street.  Doing so can cause drainage problems and lead to hazardous driving conditions when leaves become wet.
  • Consider backyard composting. Composting is great for your lawn and for the environment.  For more information about backyard composting, visit the Leaf Collection website link at

For more information regarding the City of Chattanooga's leaf collection program please call 3-1-1, or 423-425-6311 from your cell phone, or visit