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Floyd-Eaton Face-off Uneventful Until the End

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L-R: Frank Eaton (D) & Rep. Richard Floyd (R) at Red Bank Pride Candidate Forum L-R: Frank Eaton (D) & Rep. Richard Floyd (R) at Red Bank Pride Candidate Forum

RED BANK, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - Some local and state level candidates presented their cases to and took questions from Red Bank voters Monday night. In the Red Bank Pride Forum, State Representative Richard Floyd faced his opponent for the District 27 seat, Democrat Frank Eaton, for the only time in the race. There was no real opportunity for the two to debate, but they voiced differing views differed on implementation of the so-called Obamacare and the issue of rights of gun owners versus those of business owners.

The only real fireworks came at the end on the forum. During closing statements, Rep. Floyd brought up his opponent's participation with the Occupy Chattanooga movement and blamed them for the cost of replacing sod on the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn. When the moderator elected to give Eaton, who had already delivered his closing remarks, an additional minute for rebuttal, Rep. Floyd protested, quickly scooting in his chair to get her attention and plead that he had never mentioned Eaton by name.

The moderator overruled Floyd, saying he had essentially named him in his Occupy Chattanooga charges. In his rebuttal, Eaton said, in the case of the courthouse grass, there was already a plan to replace it in advance of the centennial celebration. He added, if Rep. Floyd was charging that the Occupy movement was responsible for that cost to taxpayers, either Floyd or the Chairman of the Hamilton County Commission was lying.

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