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Dogs attack Catoosa County woman

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RINGGOLD, GA. (WRCB) - A Catoosa County woman is recovering, after two pit bull mixes attacked her. It's an issue that continues to gain attention all across the country: pit bulls for pets.

This dog owner may be able to keep his pets alive.

Catoosa County Animal Control is investigating as the woman undergoes several surgeries. A judge will decide if the dogs should be euthanized or sent back home with their owner. County officials say there's a lot to consider.

County officials say the woman broke down on Keith Road in Ringgold with no cell service on October 16th.

"The lady proceeded to the home, probably to ask for some form of help," Catoosa County Manager Mike Helton says.

That's when the two dogs, both pit bull mixes, attacked her.

"Mostly lower extremities is where most of the damage appears to be," Helton says.

A passerby called 911 as she got away.

"Evidently, she got back out of the area of the dogs. There's an electric fence with collars around the dogs necks," Helton says.

She's been in the hospital for the last week. They say she's getting better but still requires several surgeries. The dogs are quarantined.

County officials say what makes this a complicated case is that the homeowner had the property clearly marked with no trespassing and beware of dog signs.

"You have to take in the totality of circumstances. As you get ready to look at things, you have a homeowner that has their property posted for reasons, and then you have a person who has a car break down and needs to go to help for reasons," Helton says.

Neighbors say the dogs never seemed aggressive, but don't know how they feel after such a severe attack.

"I feel sorry that happened to the woman, but if the signs are posted then the owners are doing everything they're supposed to be doing," neighbor, Mike Sedge says.

Sedge also points out that there are other homes nearby.

"It's not like she was in the middle of nowhere," Sedge says.

Animal Control cited the owner for having "dangerous dogs" per county ordinance, but the owner appealed. Now a judge will decide whether the dogs can live or return with guidelines.

"That means certain type of enclosures. It means possibly notifying insurance companies and getting a certain kind of coverage," Helton says.

The court date hasn't been set yet.

Animal Control says they still haven't been able to interview the woman because of her condition. They're also trying to track down the passerby who called 911.

Helton says the county did ban certain dogs breeds in the past, but took them off the books when the state said the ordinances were unlawful.

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