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Haslam proclaims Oct. 18 Lights On Afterschool Day


NASHVILLE (WRCB) -- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has named October 18 as Lights On Afterschool Day in Tennessee.

Afterschool programs are recognized as one tool that enhances learning and keeps children safe and less likely to engage in risky behavior.

In a press release, Haslam said afterschool programs "build stronger communities by involving our students, parents, business leaders and adult volunteers in the lives of our young people, thereby promoting positive relationships among children, youth, families and adults."

Some programs will be asking parents and others to sign petitions supporting continued funding for afterschool programs to assure their ongoing success in improving student performance, attendance, social skills, emotional control and engagement with school.

Nearly 30 percent of Tennessee school-age students are responsible for taking care of themselves after school.

Read more at the Afterschool Alliance website and specific events in Tennessee.

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