ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) -- Lance Browne is still hurting emotionally after losing his 8-year-old American Bulldog, Samantha.  Saturday afternoon, he says two large pit bulls somehow made it over his neighbor's fence and attacked Samantha as she was chained to the garage.

Lance Browne says, "They were probably 80-100 pounds a piece and had my dog on the ground and there was just blood everywhere."

He tried to scare the dogs off until they turned on him.

After calling 911, Walker County sheriff's deputies and animal control spent hours looking for the dogs.  All the while Browne was trying to save Samantha.

"She was a very gentle dog, she loved kids. She was my friend," says Browne

The pit bulls are at the Walker County Animal Shelter undergoing evaluations for the next week. 

Director Alison Smith says stopping attacks begins with responsible owners.  "Being irresponsible, not being aware. Allowing your animals to leave the property and your care can cause issues that can't be repaired."

We went to the home of the neighbor in question, but no one was there. 

Under Georgia's dangerous dog law, the owner can face hefty fines if the dog attacks another animal and doesn't have proper vaccines or registration.  After several violations the owner go to jail and the dog put down.

"I would like more responsibilities put on the owners of these type dogs."