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Car crashes into Red Bank house, gets trapped

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RED BANK, TN. (WRCB) - Red Bank Police are investigating what caused a driver to barrel through the Taco Bell parking lot Tuesday and get into a series of crashes that finally landed him inside a woman's house.

Emergency responders say it was an unusual and scary situation. That's because the car went through the bottom floor of a two story home, causing the main structure of the house to come crashing down, trapping the driver inside.

Neighbor Ernest Andrews saw the whole thing from his porch.

"He seemed to be running 40-50 miles per hour," witness Ernest Andrews says.

The driver came off Midvale Avenue, crossed Dayton Boulevard and the Taco Bell parking lot.

"I don't know how he missed Taco Bell. I'm completely baffled by it," Andrews says.

Then he started taking out everything in his path.

"Seen the tree fall, the fence blow, and then I seen the garage door blow out," Andrews says.

A Crown Victoria busted through the garage's concrete wall, and then through an interior wall.

"I heard a big boom," witness Jacob Patterson says.

Neighbors rushed over.

"Jumped out of bed and ran across the street, and I noticed a car crashed so I called 911," Patterson says.

"Pulled debris of the vehicle, hollering at the guy to try to get him to talk to us. After about four minutes he finally moved his hand," Andrews says.

He was alive, but badly injured.

"Some of the house had collapsed on the car, mashing the roof down and trapping the patient," Red Bank Fire Chief Mark Mathews says.

Several crews were called in to build up the house in order to get him out.

"Some upright supports to catch the beams so the floor wouldn't collapse under the house and onto the car any further and onto the rescuers because the structure support was taken out from under the house," CFD Tactical Services Chief Daniel Hague says.

They got him out after more than an hour. He's in stable condition at the hospital. Thankfully, the homeowner wasn't inside.

"She actually just left 10-20 minutes before it happened," Patterson says.

"The car entered the house where her car would normally be sitting and where the car ended up in the house is where she'd normally be sitting," Andrews says.

The big mystery, though, is why it happened.

"Really unusual event here in Red Bank," Hamilton County EMA Director Bill Tittle says.

Investigators are interviewing the injured driver about what happened. They're curious to see if the middle-aged man had some kind of medical emergency behind the wheel since he drove out of control for so far.

The homeowner isn't allowed back in her house until it's fixed structurally.

Hamilton County responders say they work a couple of "car into house" accidents a year, but not this severe.

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