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3 On Your Side: Work begins on damaged north Georgia home


CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)  --  In September of last year, Tropical Storm Lee caused a massive tree to fall through Shearon Gass' roof. She was in the bedroom at the time and barely escaped with her life.

Since then her home sat abandoned, waiting on insurance claims. The county even noticed and threatened to fine her. It looked hopeless until Channel 3 stepped in.

"I've driven by here everyday for over 13 months now and seen nothing but a gaping hole and a bunch of busted dreams," Gass says. "Without you guys this would not be happening."

Channel 3 contacted her insurance company, when it refused to pay the money her builder needed. We contacted her bank once the money was transferred, but the checks weren't coming.

"It seems like it just can't be happening but it finally is," says Gass.

On Tuesday builders finally began work to repair her home.

"There's a light at the end of the tunnel," Gass says. "I know I will be coming home."

Now she can rebuild one wooden plank at a time.

"Today would not be happening without your efforts. Until you intervened in this, it just wasn't there, it wasn't happening," Gass says.

The builders tell Channel 3 if everything runs smoothly they'll have the entire house redone in about two months, just in time for Shearon to be home for the holidays.

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