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UPDATE: Many Chattanoogans report mystery flat tires

Dusty McNabb repairs a flat tire at National Tire & Battery on Rossville Boulevard on Sunday. Photo by Allison Love/Times Free Press Dusty McNabb repairs a flat tire at National Tire & Battery on Rossville Boulevard on Sunday. Photo by Allison Love/Times Free Press

UPDATE: The Chattanooga Police Department issued a press release Monday, responding to the spate of punctured car tires experienced over the weekend.

CPD received numerous reports of flat tires due to road debris, notably on Dodds Avenue and Rossville Boulevard. 

The debris, which consisted of nails, screws, and tacks that were either intentionally or accidentally dumped on the road surface. 

Three patrol cars also fell victim with flattened tires.

Some media reports cited the debris came from a police spike strip, which was deployed in a pursuit.

CPD Public Information Officer Nathan Hartwig said there were no police pursuits over the weekend and no spike strips were deployed. 

Anyone with information on how the debris was placed on the road is asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- If you were in downtown Chattanooga Sunday afternoon and discovered your car had flat tires, you weren't the only one.

Reports of slashed tires popped up all over the area.

We caught up with a road side assistance company who says they spent all day changing tires in and around Chattanooga.

They say they're convinced someone is behind the flat tires, saying something just isn't right.

"I pulled out and I said, 'Uh oh, kids. Something's wrong.' I stopped and pulled in another spot and got out and the front tire was flat. Didn't notice the back one, yet," says Gay Jones.

Jones is from Springville, Alabama and came out of the Discovery Museum with her three grand kids only to discover two flat tires on her car.

"To have two tires flat, on the same side is highly unusual," she says.

Lloyd Gilreath agrees. He works for a roadside assistance company.

"It's all the passenger side of the vehicle. None of them are the driver's side of the vehicle and they're all flat," he says.

He spent the better part of his day changing flats. At one business near Memorial Hospital, he says multiple cars were hit.

"We arrived there at 2 o'clock and when arrived there, there was about 10 tire changes needed to be done there."

In the same lot where Jones parked, a Buick had two flat tires.

"It looks like it's just an itty-bitty ice pick," says Gilreath.

At the NTB tire shop on Rossville Boulevard, managers say they serviced more than 40 cars, all with tires flat on the passenger side.

"I just think that if somebody's doing this, it's an awful joke. I just bought my car," says Carolyn Thomas.

Both Thomas and Brenda McKinney brought their cars in and say they couldn't believe everyone was there for the same reason.

"We all need the same thing on the same side? What's up with that?" exclaims Thomas.

Thomas's car was hit somewhere near Dodds Avenue. McKinney's was parked at the aquarium downtown.

They both say if someone is behind it, they have too much time on their hands.

"I can give them some things to do. Come on over to the church," says Thomas.

"Come out here and do our job, tire change after tire change, and put yourself in the customer's situation and think how you would feel," says Gilreath.

It's still not clear how widespread this is.

People at the Rossville Boulevard tire shop say most of them were downtown. One woman says many cars had flat tires at Finley Stadium.

911 dispatch confirmed to us they received numerous calls Sunday but they can't say at this point if it's anything malicious.

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