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Chattanooga Police investigating allegations of excessive force

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Channel 3 has learned the Chattanooga Police Department is conducting an investigation into two of its officers.

This, after an alleged beating of a federal prisoner at a Chattanooga half-way house.

Back in June Chattanooga police were called to the Salvation Army half-way house facility, on a call that Adam Tatum was being unruly, and that he possibly had a knife.

Video surveillance at the facility captured the scene as police asked Tatum to lie on the ground.

He didn't comply and police took him down.

The video reportedly shows police officers kicking and beating him so badly, his girlfriend says he had to spend two days in the hospital with a shattered leg.

Channel 3 also had the chance to talk with the criminal defense attorney who represented Tatum, and he says the video shows what he calls, "excessive, unwarranted force."

Channel 3 contacted police to find out the status of the two officers involved, Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley.

Police say this is an active and open investigation and can not comment right now.

Representatives with the Salvation Army tell us they are aware of the incident and are cooperating fully with investigators.

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