CHATTANOOGA. (WRCB)  --  "I just want somewhere decent to go, somebody to help me get this stuff out of here. I need help," says Chattanooga resident Georgia Hooks.  

Channel 3 first met Georgia Hooks about two weeks ago during the last big rainfall. Her home on Campbell Street flooded with thousands of gallons of sewage water.

Public Works Director Lee Norris now says it was caused by a blockage in the city line. He says a gas utility company unknowingly drilled through one of the sewer lines and filled it with debris.

"Rain might've played a part because it was helping fill it up but it didn't come from the rain. I've seen many floods since I've been here," Hooks says.

The city is paying for Hooks to stay in a hotel but all she wants is a place to call home again.

"I'm just tired, I'm tired," she says.

Hooks says her landlord has found another home for her to rent but she needs help moving.

Across town in the Jefferson Heights community the city faces another ongoing flooding problem.

"I didn't sleep at all last night, I'm very worried," homeowner Melanie Newton says.

Parts of her 4-year-old home is already covered in mold. Each time it heavily rains the street corner she lives on floods.

"Of course my heart goes in my throat because I can't fix anything or do anything until this stops," says Newton.  

The city is investigating. Norris says his crews pulled out a tire last week and found another man hole they didn't know existed as well as a bend in a sewage line where debris is blocking the flow of water.

Newton will pay close to $5,000 out of pocket to begin water-related repairs in her home. Homeowner's insurance will not cover that damage.

"It's a situation of what they call brown water," explains Newton.

Norris says crews will be back out at the property in Jefferson Heights to continue its investigation as soon as the rain clears up.