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Chattanooga school achieves world record with MoonPies

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Chattanooga school attempted and achieved a world record Saturday. The main ingredient? It was a Scenic City classic... the MoonPie.

The Bright School is celebrating its 100th birthday. To do it up big, they went for a Guinness World Record. Around 500 students, parents and community members worked over the last two days to build the world's largest cookie mosaic out of MoonPies to beat out the previous record held by Oreo.

"Oh my goodness, that's a lot of MoonPies," volunteer Olivia Fridell said.

"I was like wow. I was really impressed about the size," volunteer Julia Garcia said.

"We wanted to do something special for the students and came up with something big and exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity and we decided to go with something real big... 16,000 MoonPies big," organizer Pam McKenney said.

"I started out with the idea of doing a grid. figure out what kind of proportions, what kind of design, how many of each different color we were going to need," math teacher Tony McDaniel said.

"And then come through the process and put down about 10 or 12 MoonPies," McKenney said.

"We put MoonPies down. It's very fun. It's bonanza," Bright School first grader Abby Millwood said.

"Right now I'm going to walk around the mosaic and make sure it meets the previous record which is 35 square meters," Guinness World Record adjudicator Sara Wilcox said.

"I've always seen those Guinness World Record books and I just love them and I like being part of this," Garcia said.

"On paper it looked big, but I mean, to see it all across the gym floor and the various colors and it smells like MoonPies in here, it's a sight to behold," Chattanooga Bakery VP of Marketing Tory Johnston said.

"That's really what Guinness World Records is really about-- ordinary people, especially young children coming together and the community coming together to do extraordinary things," Wilcox said.

"Brought the entire community together to take part in one big experience," McKenney said.

In the end, the cookie mosaic achieved the world record at 1,359 square feet, which was made up of 16,390 MoonPies. They were all donated by Chattanooga Bakery. Leftovers will be donated to area food banks.

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