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Huesman: "That wasn't our offense" against App State

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Kevin Revis could easily point out the problems for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga offense in last week's loss to Appalachian State.

Actually, the junior offensive lineman just found one recurring problem.

"It was pretty frustrating because we just weren't finishing," Revis said during the team's weekly media day Tuesday. "We were blocking pretty well, we just weren't finishing."

'Finishing' was Revis' theme during his few minutes with the media, though he said it wasn't necessarily UTC coaches that put it in his head.

"They have (been saying it this week), but that's just what keeps coming back in my mind after watching the film," Revis said.

Head coach Russ Huesman saw it differently.

"Last week is not who we are," he said flatly. "I want to see a completely different offense this Saturday."

Maybe not a completely new one, just the offense the Mocs planned to play with this season.

Huesman said offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield started getting away from the focus of the UTC's new spread offense during the ASU game. While watching the film, Huesman saw shades of the pro-style offense Chattanooga has used the past few years with B.J. Coleman at quarterback.

"What happens sometimes, and I talked to Satt about this, you revert back to things you feel confident coaching," Huesman said. "And really, some of the stuff looked good. The concepts and the rout combinations, it all looked good.

"But then you've got to execute it. If you're not practicing it, executing it is a problem."

That much was obvious for the Mocs in the 34-17 loss. After racking up nearly 900 yards combined in its previous two games, the UTC offense found most of their 270 total yards against the Mountaineers in the fourth quarter when the game was already decided.

The bigger concern for Huesman was the lack of opportunities for quarterbacks Jacob Huesman and Terrell Robinson.

"The bottom line is Terrell and Jacob better get touches," Huesman said.

The dual-threat duo combined for just 36 yards rushing on 13 carries. The Mocs' coach wants at least double the number of rushes for his QB's in this Saturday's trip to The Citadel.

"They need more touches. This is the last week I'm going to say that," Huesman said. "They're our two best players with the ball in their hands, so even if they aren't going to have the ball in their hands, we need to have the threat of putting the ball in their hands on every play."

Without that threat the Mocs have failed to produce big plays, mustering just two gains of more than 20 yards against the Mountaineers.

Revis will give you one guess why he thinks that is.

"Big plays definitely get you going, but big plays stem from, again, the common theme is finishing our blocks," he said.

Huesman, meanwhile, has other ideas.

"We've got to be creative with it, and we will be," he vowed. "We need to be way, way, way more creative with it."

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