LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) -- Lafayette Church of Christ secretary Joan Brooks says she was shocked when she her church office burglarized last week.

There were cabinets rummaged through, a safe tampered with, and $50 missing from a drawer.

Police say Julian Uvalle pried the door open and caused a mess after a Sunday service. "Someone is too sorry to work for what they want and need, but will take what others have worked hard for, that bothers me," says Brooks.

It doesn't stop there. Police say Uvalle's uncle, Ricky Sweet, was his partner in crime.

Detectives say Sweet had been on parole for five weeks after being handed a 20-year sentence. They claim he and Uvalle hit dozens of cars and homes since Sweet's release.

Police say the duo tried to burn down one home after breaking in.

What raised a red flag to investigators was the crimes were all near sweet's house. Captain Stacey Meeks says, "We had a rash of entering autos that happened during the daytime hours, which was odd."

Sweet was on the radar because his state-issued ankle monitor would show him leaving his residence between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the same times most of the crimes occurred.

Once they questioned Uvalle, they searched the home and found most of the items reported missing.

Both are being held at the Walker County jail.