CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A new hotel is set to open on Chattanooga's Amnicola Highway, but not one of 102 rooms will be open to the public. And those involved say this couldn't be happening any sooner.

Southern Norfolk is catering to their workers needs. The odd hours, the travel and the lodging. It all comes through Chattanooga and now they'll have a guaranteed place to rest.

"We're all excited here to have them a brand new facility, a new home away from home," said Hotel General Manger Stacey Parsons.

Conductors and engineers will no longer have to worry if rooms are available when trying to find some much needed rest while on the job.

"We're less than two miles from the yard where they bring the trains into Chattanooga. We have a designated transportation system that will pick them up and bring them right to the door," Parsons said.

Ten hours of rest time daily is mandatory for Norfolk Southern workers, this state of the art Hotel equipped with a fitness center and access to the Riverwalk will provide that.

Parsons says the 102 rooms will likely be full every night, "everything that was in this hotel when it was built. We had them in mind with their needs.""

Geographically it makes sense that Chattanooga now has a Norfolk Southern Hotel; it serves as a middle ground from Alabama, Atlanta, Knoxville and Kentucky.

While the rooms will not be open to the public the attached restaurant will be. All in all it's created more than 50 jobs.

The grand opening is slated for October 4.