CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The deer hunters' treestand is one of the most popular and dangerous pieces of equipment he uses.  According to the Department of Natural Resources one out of three hunting accidents involves falls from tree stands.

One can say there could be a variety of reasons for these accidents, but one fact for sure, is that they usually involve human error.

It is extremely important that you stop and think about the consequences of falling from your treestand.  To help prevent these paralyzing and deadly accidents, here are a few safety tips to use as guidelines:

  • Make sure the tree you climb is alive and healthy.  Trees with rough dark bark are the best choices.
  • Always use a Treestand Manufacturers' Association approved safety harness, never a rope or a belt.
  • Wear good tread boots and use non-skid material on steps and platforms.
  • Practice using your treestand and safety harness to develop confidence in using them correctly.
  • When climbing up and down a tree, always stay securely attached to the tree (practice makes perfect).
  • Always use a haul line to lift and lower gear.
  • Always tell someone the location of your stand.
  • Keep a well charged cell phone in an easily accessible pocket.
  • Use common sense in making decisions to insure a totally safe climb each time you hunt.

Remember, accidents don't always happen to others, it could be you.

See more about Treestand Safety.

Good luck, enjoy your sport and think safety first, so that you may return to hunt another day.