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Neighbors mourn death of 2-year-old in fire

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MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- One day after Jose Arriasola, 2, lost his life neighbors who watched the tragedy unfold place flowers and teddy bears on top of what's left of the home.

"I was the one that called the fire department for them to come get it out," says Mark Husser. He lives across the street. "The flames were coming out the kitchen."

Officers say Jose's mother, Marialla Gurrero, left a pot of grease on the stove when she ran next door to her aunt's house for just a few moments to get paper towels. Little Jose was inside alone when they realized what was happening.

"I seen them come running across the field and they trying to get back in to it and got burned up when they tried to get into the building," Husser says.  

"I feel bad because I have three kids, 3-years-old and 3-months-old and one is 4-years-old. I feel bad about that," says neighbor Maria Tapia.  

Mourners not from the area also stopped to pay respect Thursday. "We live in a mobile home and its kind of scary to know they can burn down so fast and also I have a 2-year-old grandson. It was kind of devastating to me," says Christine Forrest.

Neighbors tell Channel 3 Jose's aunt was treated for burns on her hand. His mother was also taken to a hospital but was not injured. One woman describes holding the two woman back so they could not run into the burning building.

"I just like for her to know that it's not her fault and that God has a way of working things out," says Forrest.

Fire officials tell Channel 3 the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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