CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE (WRCB) -- Michelle Farner looks back at some of the worst moments with her ex-husband, Billy Bob Farner. "Both of my eyes were black, my nose was broken, my lips were busted. I had been raped and beaten for probably four or five hours straight the night before," she says.

However, it didn't start that way. "[He was] very helpful, very funny, just a really seemingly nice person," Michelle explains.

"He doesn't look like the average person you'd expect to see that we're out there looking for but looks can be deceiving," says Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

The two met in 2006 and were married in 2007 but days before their wedding Farner revealed his dark side. "Five days before we got married was the first time he ever hit me," Michelle says.

A picture taken the day of the wedding shows Michelle's black eyes and busted lip were healing. However, she couldn't fathom what lie ahead, five years of domestic abuse and multiple trips to the hospital.

"A lot of them went unreported. A lot of the times when I went to the hospital I would lie about who hit me," says Michelle.

They have two children together, 3 and 7-years-old. Michelle says fear for their safety gave her the courage to leave Farner for good.

However, he continues to send her threatening text messages and emails. She filed for an order of protection and domestic harassment. However, when officers went to pick Farner up at his job last Thursday he ran and hasn't been seen since.

"She's going to be nervous for quite some time, I know that but he will be brought into custody sooner or later," Hammond says.

"Six months from now he could pop up on my doorstep when I'm not thinking about it anymore, when I let my guard down a little bit. A year from now he could show up at our children's school. I don't want to live in fear like that," Michelle says.

She believes he may be in the Collegedale area. If you have any information that could help put Farner behind bars contact your local law enforcement office right away.