CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The Osage orange tree that stood on the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn has stood the test of time. It was planted in the 1800's. And was witness to thousands of brides and grooms exchanging vows under its branches. But heavy rainfall loosened the soil this week causing the tree to uproot.

Speak now or forever hold your peace: the Osage orange tree always held its peace as thousands were married underneath its branches on the county courthouse lawn.

"We were reading the paper this morning and saw where this beautiful old tree had fallen. The girls are home schooled and we wanted to come and see a part of history," said Chattanoogan Beverly Grove.

Passers-by snap photos as the iconic tree sits up-rooted, having been in one place for more than a century - it awaits its new home or a possible burial ground.

Hamilton County Spokesperson Mike Dunne said, "The plans are to move it on Saturday, we need permits to close down the street. It would be inconvenient to move it during the week."

Dunne says it will be moved to an undisclosed location until they decide what to do with it, "We wanna make sure we do the right thing in meeting the public's interest in the tree. Any speculation on what we'll do with the tree is simply that, speculation."

The green surrounding the helpless tree will be guarded until they move it on Saturday. As Dunne said there is much speculation as what could come of the tree.

The public seems to be okay with anything but destroying it, "It's such a beautiful piece it would be sad to see it destroyed completely. It could be part of some art decor or structure in the public parks around Chattanooga," said Grove.