CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Myles Stout sat emotionless as the jury reads the verdict.

He was found guilty of reckless homicide and reckless endangerment a decision the defense team says they were satisfied with.

Attorney Hank Hill maintains Stout is no murderer.

"Mister Stout loaded the clip, that wasn't true. Mister Stout racked the slide which wasn't true. Mister Stout pulled the trigger, well that was true," Hill says.

Emotional video from Stout's jail interview plays in the court room another time before jurors make their decision.

The defense says this piece of evidence allowed stout to tell his side without taking the stand and helped his case.

Assistant District Attorney Lance Pope says he felt strongly about the case from the beginning.

"It is a tough case. It is hard when the jury has to make decisions about a young man's life. Given the proof in the case, I think it was a reasonable outcome and the DA's Office appreciates their hard work on the case," Pope says.

Stout makes his way from the court room walking past cameras with his defense team.

Hill says Stout was in involved in a unfortunate accident.

Stout was charged with second degree murder, reckless homicide and endangerment after shooting and killing Compton March 9, 2011.

He is due in court November 5th, 2012 for sentencing.