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Rossville residents puzzled by rash of missing dogs


ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB)-- People living in one North Georgia community say they are on alert after several dogs in the area have gone missing.

One Rossville woman went looking for answers after her dog disappeared, and found similar stories among her neighbors. She and other are convinced, someone is on the prowl, looking to steal pet dogs.

"I started noticing several other dogs that were missing as well," says Christina Vanhorn.

Vanhorn took to Craigslist when her two-and-half-year-old Chihuahua, Chico, went missing last month. She then started to make contact with several other Rossville residents with missing dogs.

"They all let their dog out and within just a couple of minutes they came back to get them and they were gone," she says.

Vanhorn is convinced it is someone with ill intentions, especially after hearing the story of another upset dog owner.

"Her neighbor saw some guys. She said they were younger guys. One had a white truck and the other had a green and car and they lured her dog over to the car and put the dog in the car and drove off."

"I just hope they're not fighting them, because if they are and other people, I'm sure they feel the same way, if we find out, we're going to try to prosecute them because that's part of the family," says Jimmy Cooper.

Cooper lives just down the street from Vanhorn.

His 13-year-old Boxer, Rocky, disappeared earlier this Summer in the middle of the day, the same day his next door neighbor's Boxer, Kittie, disappeared.

"They're both not going to disappear and not be found anywhere," says Cassie Davis, Kittie's owner. "It had to be somebody that knew what they were doing."

Davis has a new boxer puppy now, but says it is not the same.

"I'd just really like to see our dogs come home," says Davis, holding back tears.

Across town, Alexandra Eaton's six-month-old Chihuahua was stolen this past week.

"I've learned that Chihuahuas are mainly stolen to be used as bait for Pitbulls," says Eaton.

She has taken to Facebook to offer a $300 reward for Cowboy's return.

"I have the momma of Cowboy. And she's really sad too since my dog went missing," says Eaton.

"I'm holding on to hope," says Vanhorn. "I want to get the word out to everyone in the area that, don't let your dog out of your sight, because someone is going around looking for dogs."

Several of the dog owners have filed police reports but were told these cases are hard to prosecute without hard evidence. It is best to keep a close eye on your neighborhood and try to get plate numbers of suspicious vehicles if you can.

These owners say the dog fighting is just a theory, even though Vanhorn says one dog recently recovered did show signs of being in a fight.

If you suspect that dog fighting is taking place at a residence, you can call the Humane Society tip line at 1-877-TIP-HSUS.

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