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Grundy Co. residents question why road project at standstill

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COALMONT, TN (WRCB) -- Some Grundy County residents want to know why work appears to have stopped on a heavily traveled road mid-way through a massive project. People living in Coalmont along Dogtown Road want to know what's the hold up.

Channel 3 talked to around a dozen people living along Dogtown Road who are upset about the current condition of the road. They want to know why it was stripped down to gravel in July, but they haven't seen crews working to finish the resurfacing project since.

"It's rough like a washboard. Running over a washboard," Grundy County resident Glen King said.

Glen King lives a couple towns over. He says he was shocked to see the condition of Dogtown Road when passing through today.

"You don't watch, the gravel will throw you off the road," King said.

Several upset neighbors say their cars are being torn up, but wouldn't go on camera-- saying they're afraid to make some Grundy County leaders angry by complaining. They just want to know why crews aren't out working on it.

Grundy County Highway Superintendent Dewayne Hargis says work hasn't stopped. He says crews haven't been out for a combination of reasons. He says the first is that the county started its phase of the project before the contract bid for the second phase of the state aided project was signed. Then, he says Mother Nature stepped in.

"The storms has put us way behind, but we're trying to get caught back up," Grundy County Highway Superintendent Dewayne Hargis said.

Why aren't crews out on a sunny day like today? He says the new tiles and gravel take weeks to settle before asphalt can go down.

"It takes a little time for it to set and bond back together," Hargis said.

Several neighbors say they've heard rumors the county didn't have money to finish the project, but Hargis wants everyone to know that's not the case.

"Rumors fly around and you never know the truth until you hear it from the real man," Dogtown Road resident Matthew Kilgore said.

"Very sorry it's like this but it takes time to build a road and when you're doing a road like this it takes a lot of patience," Hargis said.

Hargis says residents won't see improvements to Dogtown Road until mid to late October.

Again, he says that's because the elements under the road need more time to settle without rain. He says the road didn't have a foundation before, so they're laying down several inches of rock base, then new tiles, then they'll asphalt it and stripe it.

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