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Testimony continues in Myles Stout murder trial

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The murder trial of 21-year-old Myles Stout entered its third day on Thursday. Stout is charged in the March 2011 death of 18-year-old Miles Compton.

The day started with lawyers discussing the validity of witness statements that involved contradictions in testimony preliminary to the trial. Judge Steelman held the return of the jury until defense attorney Hank Hill drafted instruction he wanted read in regards to Kevin Driscoll's testimony on Wednesday.

Once the jury is seated, Judge Steelman informed the jury that they may consider inconsistencies in testimony as to whether they can impeach witness' credibility.

Hill then proceeded to cross examine witness Amanda Freeman, asking her how many times she had given statements. Freeman said several times, though she noted that at first she was pretty hysterical.

Freeman testified that she had been at Kevin Driscoll's house around 3:00 p.m. on the day of the killing.  She said Driscoll began cooking steaks but didn't know what he might have been drinking.

She left to run to a local convenience store to buy more beer, and when she returned Stout had arrived at the house.  Then a short time later, both Myles Compton and his friend Kevin West showed up.

But while she did testify that she hear Driscoll, Stout and two other people talk about going shooting, she never say Compton load a gun. Under questioning, she said she called the detective a couple weeks after the killing to add to her statement.

Freeman did say she saw Stout "messing" with the gun between his legs, but did not physically see him do anything with the gun.

"I have flashbacks, or dream about it, hearing 'clicks'," she testified, though it was unclear if she was referring to the clicks of a clip being loaded into pistol, or sliding a round into the chamber.

Under furthering questioning, Freeman said that at that time Stout pulled up the gun and pointed it at Compton, she remembers Stout saying "I'm done".

She remembered  Stout telling her to get out after Compton was shot, and said Stout told he, "I'm so dead."

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