BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)  -- In August 2011, Tiffany Isaza was sentenced to ten years in prison, after she was convicted of vehicular homicide and child neglect.

"She's got a debt to pay to society. I'm not sure the 22 months that she's been in there is long enough to get the need for alcohol and drugs out of her system," says Kim Ledford, the victim's mom.

Around midnight on July 10, 2010, 24-year-old Dustin Ledford, of Cleveland, was driving home from the grocery store. He was hit head on by a vehicle driven by Isaza. She was driving the wrong way and was severely intoxicated at twice the legal limit and high on meth, according to police.

"I just hope and pray that we can keep one family from going through what we have gone through the past 25 months," says Ledford.

Ever since that day, Dustin's parents have dedicated themselves to teaching others about the consequences of bad decisions when behind the wheel.

"She made a choice to start that car. She made a choice to put it in reverse and back out and go the wrong way. Because of that choice, I had to choose a casket for my child," Ledford says.

Ledford's goal now is to make sure Isaza serves her entire ten year sentence.

She hopes the parole board in Nashville will listen to Dustin's story.

She found out Tuesday more than a hundred letters opposing Isaza's possible parole have already been sent to the state capitol.

"I couldn't believe that," she says.

She's taking more letters with her along with a petition with more than a thousand signatures, all in support of Isaza serving her entire sentence.

"We've been sentenced to a life sentence without our son," Ledford says. "Choices were taken away from my husband and I because of a choice that she made."

Isaza's parole hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 9:30 a.m. CST.

The Ledfords leave for Nashville Wednesday, but they're asking anyone who wants to add their name to the petition or write a letter opposing Isaza's parole to contact them.

They can be reached at (423) 715-3157, or send an email by clicking here.