CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The City of Chattanooga will soon be waving a new flag.

City leaders voted Tuesday night to replace the old one, established in the 1920s, with a more modern version.

But the change is not without controversy.

"It's important to have a more modern, more sellable, more marketable symbol of the city than the one we've had in the past," says Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Littlefield says the old flag looks too much like the state's, but those who oppose the change say that's the point.

"That single star represents East Tennessee, and I think to cast it aside in favor of something new and contemporary, it's unfortunate," explains UTC student Taylor Thomas, who showed up to the meeting to voice his concerns. "We are getting rid of history."

Thomas believes it's the city's job to educate Chattanoogans about the current flag, not replace it.

"I feel it's almost as if we are tearing down a historic building," he adds.

Others believe it's time for an upgrade, but question the design. It was dreamed up in the 1990s by former council members like David Crockett, who spoke in support of the flag change Tuesday night.

Crockett says 100 designs were considered, but one was never adopted.

Now a decade later, Chattanooga will fly a new flag.

"It's time to move on," says Littlefield. "We're a different city now than we were in 1923, and so it's time to have a different flag."

Mayor Littlefield says there are only about half a dozen flags flying across the city, so it won't cost much to replace them.

He says the old flag will still be displayed in City Hall because it's a part of Chattanooga's history.