CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - We're already seeingincreased gas prices in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac. Oil companies areevacuating their rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to AAA, in and around Chattanooga,drivers are paying $3.49 on average at the pump. Last week, the going rate was$3.43 per gallon. That's a six cent hike. Nationally, drivers are forking over$3.75.

The owner of Steve Ray's Midnite Oil inOoltewah says the spike in prices has already starting sinking his profit. Hesays it not only hurts consumers, but also gas retailers.

Coming up on Eyewitness News at 6, we'llexplain how retailers go about pricing gas in times of disaster and take adeeper look into what qualifies as price gouging the state of Tennessee.

Ifyou suspect price gouging in Tennessee, contact the Attorney General's OfficeDivision of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-342-8385. You can also fill out a reportonline