DUNLAP, TN. (WRCB)  --  Senior citizens like Gevena Freeman urge Dunlap City officials to do something after their subdivision's builder, Russell Meade with New Hope Construction, sold them a dream that so far has not come true.

"Help! Get somebody that can step in and take over," pleads Freeman. 

"It was advertised to be a seniors community with walking trails, a park," homeowner Michael Blailock says.

For the past two years homeowners in phase three of the subdivision have gone without paved roads or driveways. They're also missing mailboxes and gutters which were all promised in their contract with New Hope Construction.

Homeowners in phase two do have paved roads and concrete driveways but tell Channel 3 there's a list of problems with the construction. Now, they have no one to call for repairs.

"We've heard everything but the real truth. We don't know right now where we stand. We don't know what to do, we're just here," says Freeman.

Their developer, Russell Meade, has disappeared.

Channel 3 learned a middle Tennessee company filed a lawsuit against him in July. He owes Eagle Truss LLC more than $35,000 for building materials used in the construction of the Dunlap neighborhood.

"I just feel helpless because right now I don't know what to do," Freeman says.

There may not be much they can do. Dunlap Mayor Dwain Land says the city is responsible for paving the road but after a year, any other unfinished work is up to the homeowners to fix.

The unfulfilled dreams could get a lot worse.

"Its a nightmare," Freeman says.

Mayor Land tells Channel 3 he handed over a performance bond worth $36,000 to the city attorney to finish paving the roads, which he hopes will be completed by next year.