CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- We're learning new details about a double shooting in Chattanooga that happened just before 9:00 p.m. Friday at the College Hill Court public housing apartments.

Chattanooga Police say a juvenile shot two people, then fled, leaving one of his victims for dead. "Next thing I know, I heard five gun shots and it sounded really close," one neighbor said.

The shooting happened on Cypress Street Court, out in the open, where neighbors say small kids were running around playing.

"People were screaming. People were crying. Mothers were still trying to find their children," one neighbor said. This neighbor didn't want to be identified or seen on camera for fear of making the shooter, who's still on the run, mad at her. 

"He's still here. I know he's still out here. Police obviously aren't here right now so I know he could still be out here," she said.

"Only thing we have on the suspect is it's a juvenile. Right now we're trying to gather more information on that," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Wayne Jefferson said.

Police say the teen shot 56-year-old Jerry Davis in the face. He is listed in critical condition. The gunman also shot 29-year-old Rashica Crayton in the leg. She's been treated and released. Then, he made one more threat before taking off.

"There was another teenager that the gun was pointed at but there were no shots fired," Sgt. Jefferson said.

Witnesses say this area of moved dirt is where Davis fell. They say the victims hadn't lived here long, but say they're father and daughter. They say his grand kids cried out in horror.

"Whoever the gentleman's family was they were out here screaming "grandfather!" It was horrible," a neighbor said. Several neighbors say the violence is so regular, they refer to one area of the complex as "shootout alley."

"I've been out here two years and it's been about 5-10 incidents where I've actually had to help someone stop the bleeding or you know, call the police call the ambulance," a neighbor said.

Many say they want more police presence in the area. "It doesn't make me feel secure at all. I mean three hours after it happened, the police were gone," a neighbor said.

Chattanooga Police say they are trying to find the suspect, but don't have detailed enough information. They're asking the public to call in any details that could help.

We'll keep you updated with any new developments.