CHATTANOOGA, TN. (Times Free Press) -- Days before a state appeals court is set to hear an appeal in the recall of Mayor Ron Littlefield, a local community group wants to intervene, saying the city is infringing on its right to hold a citizens' initiative.

The Rev. Leroy Griffith filed a motion Friday in the recall appeal, saying the state law that dictates the city's ability to recall the mayor also affects the ability to conduct city initiatives. Griffith said he plans to travel to Knoxville on Wednesday when the appeals court hears from the groups who called for Littlefield's ouster.

"That's why we're in it," Griffith said. "We have a common problem, not a common cause."

Griffith, president of the Westside Community Association, has been leading an initiative for fair housing. The group wants an ordinance that would require the city's public housing authority to replace any demolished unit with a new unit — a one-for-one swap. A citizens initiative would allow the group to get a referendum on the ballot if the City Council rejects a petition seeking such ordinance.

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